iPhone 2.0 and MobileMe

After a bit of delay, MobileMe is up. iPhone 2.0 installs perfectly well on the original iPhone, and provides great new functionality. The App Store is up with an interesting array of apps. Browse Lifestyle to see perhaps the most peculiar collection: bible apps, tip computers, and car maintenance. I think there's a thread there, but I haven't figured it out.The Apple servers are obviously swamped, but they are functioning. MobileMe took a while to be available (and the Web apps were timing out on Safari when last checked). At one point (a very long point), iTunes couldn't access the iTunes Store from my computer, but things seem to be shaking down.Software Update here is still not showing MobileMe (and the URLs posted yesterday for other downloads from Apple seem to be blocked now).All told, it seems like a successful roll-out.

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I haven't tried yet but I've read that the iPod Touch version of 2.0 is in update limbo. I've heard that this hasn't been the usual smooth transition for Apple.

The reports I'm hearing (and my own experience) suggests that this is not too bad for a system that has an enormous demand at the beginning. I guess I've been around technology enough so that when I couldn't get through to the iPhone upgrade servers I gave it a rest for about an hour--then it worked. When I later got an error message accessing the iTunes store, I ignored it and tried later. MobileMe seems to be the most impacted, and Apple seems to have turned off Software Update for it. I haven't heard of any catastrophes. Even the reports of instore activation delays seem only to result in Apple sending people home to activate their phones themselves with iTunes--if the backup plan had been to tell people to come back on Monday, now that would have been a problem.

The only bug I've seen so far is something I noticed once, and it may have been my imagination. If Location Services are turned on, Camera asks if you want to let map use your location which suggests that it will geocode the photo. The geocoding only happens on the 3G with GPS, so I think that question should depend both on GPS and on your Location Services setting. I'll test it later to confirm what I think I saw.

I have tried to update my iPod touch to version 2.0 but get nowhere. I will update you all when I get there.

I have updated my iPod touch to version 2.0 after 9.99 and have to say the apps are good. I have not paid for any of the apps I have downloaded, but the updates that were installed with the update. One updated application pre-installed is the calculator now having scientific when turned sideways.I will post more when I play with more. i am still waiting for the iPhone 3G when it comes here soon.

Another Update on the iPod Touch V2

I have found that other than the apps store, there is not much different. After reading the update page on www.apple.com there is small improvements in the other main apps. Mail has been updated, the keyboard updated, and search in the contacts. I was thinking of trying to write my own application, but thinking it might be easier said than done. I just wish there was more information on the at&t deal than there is in the public restroom's wall writings. I am now debating on getting a newer Blackberry than the iPhone. Still debating though.