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Roundtable MP3 File

The MP3 file from the 7/29/2009 segment (Kindle / 1984) is online

Jesse on WAMC Roundtable Wednesday, July 29, 11 AM

Joe and I will be talking about the Kindle / 1984 episode on Wednesday. The issues of international copyright laws and the gaps remain unresolved in many ways.

Roundtable - 4/28/2009, 11 AM

Jesse and Joe will be talking about Twitter ( and the role it's playing today in communications. Everything from friends and strangers tweeting to corporations such as AT&T using Twitter to let people know about a cable outage.

Related to Twitter is tinyurl ( which can give you a URL for reference that won't eat up all of your 140 Twitter characters. Recently there have been some concerns about tinyurl security, and we'll talk about those as well.